Top 10 Wedding Photography Myths that you Should Know

Top 10 Wedding Photography Myths that you Should Know

So you are planning to hire a wedding photographer for your special day. Ok, that’s great. After all, marriage is the event that takes place in everyone’s life for 1 time. Hence every couple selects their photographer carefully. But still, there are several people who believe in some wrong wedding photography myths and try to spread these myths as much as possible. You should also know these myths as your wedding is near and you want to hire a professional wedding photographer in Chandigarh.

Photography is Easy: Many people think that taking wedding picks is so easy and is a task of fun. “Just take the camera and click the photo of each moment, ‘that’s it”. But this is not the reality. Old experience of wedding photography is very important to click the best picks of a couples’ special day.  If you have doubt, you can compare your clicked pick with a pick clicked by a professional photographer. You will understand the difference easily.

Give a Shot List: Many people will give you the advice to give a short list of the wedding day to your photographer. This is really a good idea. But you should understand the photographer does not know each of your family member, friends, and most important people. So how he can work on your given shot list. The best will discuss your shot list with someone from your friends and ask him to help the photographer with that.

Look for Both Services: Many of your family members and friends will suggest you hire a photographer that offers both services 1) Videography and photography. But if you really care about the quality then don’t take such type of decision. There are very few wedding photographers in Punjab that can give you both services at expert level.  But if still, you want to go with one person for both services then check his portfolio precisely before booking.

Photographer Charges Unnecessarily: You can find several people in your surrounding that say photographers take big money for little work. According to those wedding photography is an 8 hours job. Oh, shuck!! They forget about the discussion time on phone, on meetings, on fixing the places for pre-wedding shoot, 8 to 9 hours of wedding day, after that 5 to 6 hours for selecting the best picks from 2000 or more picks, editing the selected picks, creating the wedding album, creating wedding highlights, wedding complete video, preparing the DVD or CD and delivering time.

Group Shots with All People: Many of your friends can suggest you a group shot with all your loving people. But remember, many people mean many different angles, many different views to take a single pick. It will be better to take the group pick with no more than 5 to 6 people.

Anyone can do Photography – There are several people who think anyone can do wedding photography with a good camera and Photoshop knowledge. But this is just a myth. Creativity doesn’t come with a camera and the knowledge of Photoshop. There are several things that you have to consider while doing photography at a wedding or pre-wedding. Such type of things comes from experience or training from a professional photography institute.

Visit the Venue with your wedding photographer: When you will ask one of your friends what you should do to get the best picks of your special day. Some of them may advise you to visit the wedding venue with your photographer. But this is just a myth. When you will visit the wedding venue with the photographer there will be no extra lights, no decoration, no other planning just like the wedding day. So this would not help you in best photography. Here you can do 1 thing, visit the venue yourself with your friend and discuss all planning with him. Then your friend can help the photographer to do things according to your needs.

Hire Most Professional photographer to get the best picks: Today’s many of the people believe the key to getting the best photography services for the wedding is to hire top or most professional photographer or videographer. But this is not completely true. You can find several websites on the web with a Tag, “Top Professional Wedding Photographer”. But when you will see their work, you will compel to think is this really professional work? So be careful in the selection of wedding photographers in Haryana. Don’t see just the tag, check with work online and offline before taking the final decision.

Don’t need Posing: Some people don’t like posing in photography. So they tell the photographer, “we like candid photography, and we don’t need posing”. Is that ok? Well, you are not a model; you don’t know how to give normal poses for candid photos. Moreover, you should know models also use poses in candid photos. You will ask, how? Listen, their photographer tells them what they need to do in the next step in a normal way, and then the photographer takes many picks of that normal moment.

General Photographer and Weeding Photographers are same: Several people believe in this myth. They think their nearest photographer can give the best services for the wedding. But this is just a myth. A general photographer cannot give you professional wedding photography services. There are several facts and things that you should know as a professional photographer. People are paying you for quality, not for the quantity. And capturing each important moment of the wedding is necessary for you.

There may be some other myths related to the photography of weeding. But the listed above are top 10 according to my research and knowledge.